We have Rebranded to Missouri Produce!

Same Family. Same Great Service. New Name!

We have revolutionized how people buy their produce in Missouri. Instead of spending a ton of time at the grocery store, let us deliver awesome produce to your front door!


A Long St. Louis History

We have been a staple of St. Louis since 1900 when our founder, Grandpa Tony Catanzaro came to America from  Italy.

How Our Produce Delivery Works

Every week, we decide the various types of fruits and vegetables to include in our boxes. Each box will vary week to week depending on the season and yield of fruits and vegetables for that time period. This is how we always keep our boxes the same cost, by evaluating the cost & season of the fruit and vegetables each week.

After you place an order, we will deliver your box to your door. Its as easy as that! All you do is order, we do everything else!


All-Natural, Frozen Pies

We have partnered with American Pie Company to offer you mouth-watering, homemade pies. We currently offer two flavors. These pies are scratch-made with all natural ingredients and contain no preservatives.

Please Recycle Your Boxes

At Missouri Produce Delivery, we do our best to protect the environment, and we hope you will too. Please join us in our cause by recycling your produce boxes!

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